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Bachsten Camp and Munja Track

Wilinggin Aboriginal Corporation, which is the Corporation representing the Native Title Interest of the Ngarinyin people, has recently acquired the Bachsten Creek Bush Camp, which sits astride the Munja Track in the heart of the Wilinggin Country and our Indigenous Protected Area.  

This acquisition of Bachsten Camp has been a long term goal of the Ngarinyin people as a way of taking responsibility for all of the Wilinggin Indigenous Protected Area. Wilinggin would like to thank the WA State  Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage, the Commonwealths Indigenous Land and Sea Corporation and Ric and Ann Jane and family for the significant effort put into successfully making this happen.

The Ngarinyin people have decided to undertake the development of a Management Plan for the Munja Track and area during which time the Munja Track and access to the IPA, specifically Bachsten Camp and Walcott Inlet, will be closed  to all visitors and tourist until further notice.

Wilinggin Aboriginal Corporation apologises for any inconvenience that this decision has caused for people planning to visit the North Kimberley and the Gibb River Road during this coming season. The Ngarinyin people recognise that the opportunity to travel and visit the Munja Track and Walcott Inlet is a very popular tourism destination for people visiting the North Kimberley and the Gibb River Road, however, the Ngarinyin are committed to the long term protection and sustainability of their Indigenous Protected Area and have committed to the process of developing an appropriate Management Plan for the Munja Track Area that will allow for future tourism access in a managed and sustainable manner.


If you have specific queries relating to Bachsten Camp please email

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