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Healthy Country



Our plan for a Healthy Country was been developed to help Ngarinyin people carry out land and cultural management activities within the Wanjina Wunggurr Wilinggin Native Title Area. It has pulled together a wide variety of information including traditional owners’ aspirations for looking after country, and on the cultural, social and environmental values that underpin this. The objectives and strategies developed as part of this plan act as a road map for the future, helping to create both a healthier Wilinggin country and new livelihood options for Ngarinyin people. This plan contains a lot of information valuable to Ngarinyin people. It is intended to be a handbook for Ngarinyin people to share, learn and teach about land management.

BUSINESS PARTNERS This plan is also for current and future partners of Wilinggin Aboriginal Corporation and/or clan and family groups. It provides basic information on Wilinggin country and Ngarinyin people, setting the scene for discussions around land management partnerships. Partners will learn about the challenges facing Ngarinyin people and the special values that need to be protected. The plan gives details on strategies and objectives that have been developed, and partners who may be able to help put them into practice.

VISITORS TO COUNTRY For visitors to Wilinggin country, this plan will give you a better understanding of Wanjina Wunggurr culture, country and people.



Our 2020 Operations report summarises the highlights of a productive year and the work we have done towards delivering this plan.

To view our 2020, 2021 and 2022 Operations report click on links below:

To view our Healthy Country Plans and Our Path from Dreaming click on the links below:

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