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There are many wonderful places to visit in Wilinggin Country with Parks and many of the pastoral lease holders offering experiences and facilities to suit all pockets.

It is important to respect that these operators are not allowed to offer cultural tourism. Such tourism is delivered is special cases by appropriate traditional owners independently of these operators. 

There is no right to visit and camp on the exclusive possession Native Title country within Wilinggins determination area, effectively our IPA, outside of the few designated camp sites that exist. (IPA map) or by special arrangement. Should you wish to undertake remote walking or other specific activities in this area please contact WAC directly to discuss your wishes. 

When visiting Wilinggin Country please:

  • take photographs of landscapes for personal use but if used for commercial purposes permission from Wilinggin Aboriginal Corporation is required

  • do not take photographs of, or map in anyway, cultural sites or touch, pick up or remove cultural objects, materials or artefacts

  • do not walk off approved tracks 

  • be very aware of and adhere to fire restrictions

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