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Our Native Title

The Wanjina‐Wunggurr (Native Title) Aboriginal Corporation is the relevant Registered Native Title Body Corporate (RNTBC) for the area. This native title holding body is often referred to as a Prescribed Body Corporate (PBC) and as such the Wanjina‐Wunggurr (Native Title) Aboriginal Corporation is commonly referred to as the WWPBC.


The WWPBC holds on trust the land determined to be Wilinggin Native Title country as per Federal Court Determination WCD2004/001 ‐ Wanjina‐Wunggurr Wilinggin Native Title Determination No 1, case name Neowarra v Western Australia [2004] FCA 1092.

Wilinggin Aboriginal Corporation is the agent of WWPBC in relation to the interests of the Ngarinyin people and activities on Country, which includes, but is not limited to, management of our Indigenous Protected Area (IPA) as well as our fire and carbon projects within the Wilinggin native title determination.

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